08 January 2010

Behind the curve

I know a lot of cooks, people from California, and food lovers already know about this, but check out my new bean dealer: Rancho Gordo! They carry heirloom beans, dried hominy and chilies. I just ordered 3 packages of dried hominy (I only wanted 1 but I hit the wrong button and couldn't figure out how to change my error) and some New Mexican chile powder. Can you guess what I am making? That's right, red posole! I saw the recipe on 101 Cookbooks and have not recovered since. My chef at work gave me some cans of hominy last night, but as he handed them over he said "these are a sorry excuse for dried or frozen hominy." That will not do. So I ordered the good stuff from Rancho Gordo and am going to throw the cans in the trash. Kidding! I will eat those too- but I want my first attempt at posole to be sincere.

Image from Ranchogordo.com

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