07 January 2010

Part 2: Sayulita

Sayulita was totally different than Yelapa. It is a surfing village, full of dude-bros and mexican hippies. It also is home to some of the funniest dogs and the best tacos ever. The beach was beautiful and the water was warm and salty.
We couldn't decide who our favorite beach vendor was- the guy with the candy wagon, or the guy with the smoked shrimps and fishes on a stick. The wagon was literally a wheelbarrow full of penny candy and dried fruits. Who thought that was a good idea? If someone asked me, "Jenny. Wouldn't it be cool if I had a wheelbarrow full of sticky penny candy and I wheeled it down a sandy beach and sold it to people in bathing suits???" I would have to say, "Yes, but it would never work." And that is where I would be wrong! Because it works! The guy with the shrimp walks down the beach holding about twenty kabobs with 4 smoked shrimp on each, and a couple of sticks stacked with lime quarters. In his pocket is a bottle of smokey hot sauce. We ate a lot of those smokey shrimp delights, and fed the shells to stray dogs! We made many friends.
Now that I think of it, there is another beach vendor in the running for the best- the tamale lady. I bought two piping hot pork tamales out of her cooler there on the beach and ate them up, sand and all. I would kill for one right now.
The photo of all the bottles up there is from a tequila bar. They had 330 tequilas, of which we tried probably 12. So many reasons to go back!


Jaeve + Things said...

holy crap! i love that treats cart!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't drink Tequila but if I were where you were in these pictures I would start. Beautiful photos!

MuffinCastle said...

I would like to marry that candy cart. And then divorce it after a week.