19 January 2010


I've been getting into my summer jars recently. First it was the tomato sauce, then the peaches (from the same batch I used in my blue ribbon peach pie!) Next summer I promise to follow a recipe when canning. Mostly so that I don't die of botulism, which is a risk I take every day with my foot loose and fancy free canning job of last year. I have found that the roasted tomatoes that I canned are too sweet and the sauce is too salty. The peaches lost something in translation- not that I really expected them to be as good as fresh. Even so, it has been delightful remembering that summer happens and will happen again!


g.animalz said...

it's the half-melted butter that really gets me in that pot of sauce. you need to figure out how to can that business. k tnx bye.

tamilyn said...


I need to go hang out with my friend who does it since both my grandmothers have passed and my Mom refused to do it after helping for so many years!