22 September 2009

Hot Dog Bar

Saturday night we had a bar themed meal! Hot dog bar! Jon's homemade fermented pickles, aoli, yellow mustard, apple and cabbage slaw, and toasted buns. We also had apples and honey to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. We were running a dessert special at the restaurant that night and when it was all said and done I made sure to remind them that they had "promised me a dessert". This was just not true. But, blame it on my attractive waitress clogs, I got what I wanted! Vanilla bean yogurt panna cotta with fresh berries and whipped cream SERVED IN A WINE GLASS! I often feel that foods served in fancy glass wear is a little tacky, but this was anything but. It was like I was a fairy princess eating out of a dew drop. I shared with Holly despite my strong urges to eat it in the mop closet, alone and frantic, and in the end it was better that way. It was a big dessert.

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