16 September 2009

Salads For Kisses

Fresh out of the garden, my first lettuces. Like lambs ears, or Jacky's when they are clean- warm and soft. With black krim tomatoes and lettuce both warm from the sun, a perfect avacado and french sheep's milk feta; my favorite big salad yet.
Whenever Kevin asks me what I want for dinner, he usually answers with me, mockingly, "umm... a big salad?"
I was so thrilled with this one, the one that helped me make it through another double, that I left him one for when he got home from work with a love note in the fridge. He did not find it- he was still focused on the perfect potato salad from a few days ago- until morning. Guess what was for breakfast?

Eating greens right out of the garden makes me feel like I am injecting vitamins and health directly into my bloodstream. I also get this feeling when drinking Dewars Old Fashioned's. Just sayin.

I'll be "away from my desk*" for a few glorious days, camping and eating. Meal planning started today, with helpful suggestions/opinions from me like "there's always fruit roll-ups" and "no".

On the menu:
Thursday: Undecided, Something with meat on a stick
Friday: Snacks from Packets, Dinner Packets, After Dinner Snacks from Packets, Dessert in Packets
Saturday: Fancy Breakfast with hemp milk (sick) (no)

Liquor list: Bourbon. Tequila. Scotch. Campari.

Obviously we are totally unprepared and overly excited about making fires while drinking dirty cocktails. My new flair for scotch just can't be good! Housecoats and cigarette holders here I come. I always thought it would be vermouth to throw me in with that camp but now I wonder.
Photos, interviews, exclusive details to come!!!!

*I work exclusively from bed.

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