03 September 2009

Oregon State Fair (= bad behavior)

We made a pilgrimage to the Oregon State Fair on Tuesday. Heres what we consumed:

1 Mount St. Helens of Twirly Fries (real name)
5 hand dipped corn dogs
1 non hand dipped corn dog
1 regular hot dog
1 notdog
1 elephant ear
2 ears of corn (1 dipped in butter froth)
1 frozen strawberry lemonade
1 giant diet coke

Probably other things too but it's too upsetting to remember. Because... after all of that, my friend Nic and I decided to go on a ride! None of our friends or boyfriends would agree to go with us, and we didn't understand why until we got on the ride and it started swirling us around, as if in an effort to kill us! It was the worst minute of my life! We cried and begged to be let off, screaming "WE REGRET IT!" and "MAKE IT STOP!". The elephant ear really made my experience horrible. I'm surprised I didn't barf, though it probably would have been a relief. Do you see the photo up there that is a violent blur of light and pain? That's us, drooling and squeezing our eyes shut. When we got off the ride, our friends

Other highlights of the fair included looking at the gift basket, scrapbook, table setting, and cake decorating competition exhibits. I am tempted to enter the gift basket competition next year. I'd like to say it would be an easy win but you know how gift basketeers are- mean and competitive.

Also I saw some pygmy goats and am 100% positive that I want two. So next spring, get ready for goat mayhem.


g.animalz said...

winking frown.

the feeb said...

how was tesla!?

Drew said...

NIC! Behave!