11 September 2009

Service Industry Fun

Last night, a man off the street walked up to one of our tables and started yelling at our customers about how people should not dye dogs' hair. These people did not have a dog, or hair dye from what I could tell, and they were naturally confused. We tried to politely usher him away, and he got very angry and called us some mean names. Our feelings were hurt, we felt bad for our customers, and I wondered what got him thinking about dyed dog hair.

I mean, I agree with him- dye, no. Tattoos, yes. I also think: Grown women do not belong on razor scooters, Peonies are not out of style (as the lady at the plant store told me today, bitch), and Pine State Biscuits should deliver.

I wonder what else that guy thinks about and yells at people for??


Holly Burney said...

Girl you slay me with your comedy!Nueva loves the brunch pics!

MuffinCastle said...

How could Peonies EVER go out of style. That's complete bull.